This compilation of Messianic Jewish commentaries on the weekly Torah portions (Parashot) and accompanying Prophetic portions (Haftarot), satisfies the heart-felt desire of many Christians to understand the Hebraic context of our Holy Scriptures. Illustrated with pictures and written from a uniquely personal perspective, they make the Bible real and relevant to our daily lives right here and right now.
These commentaries also address several of the Messianic prophecies which have been omitted from the traditional Jewish readings. Also included are relevant portions from the Gospels, thus revealing the beautiful harmony between the Old Covenant (Tanach) and the New Testament (Brit Chadashah).
Jews and non-Jews alike will discover new truths that will encourage, inspire and enlighten the reader. Study questions following each chapter allow for personal contemplation or serve to stimulate group discussions and sharing.
This complete curriculum is perfect for individual Torah studies, home-schooling families, small group Bible studies, Messianic congregations and Christian Churches.

A Messianic Jewish Commentary