Learn Hebrew!
Hebrew the Language of the Torah

The amazing fact that Hebrew has, against all odds, defied extinction, and exists today as a modern language in daily use by more than seven million people in Israel and Jewish communities around the world is an absolute miracle.

Hebrew is not an ordinary language; Zephaniah called it a pure language; it contains no curse words.


Jewish people call it Lashon Hakodesh (The Holy Language). It was the language that God spoke to the children of Israel and Moses at Mt. Sinai. The finger of God etched on stone tablets the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. (Exodus/Shmot 31:18)

Each letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet) contains a richness of meaning that nourishes the soul and gives the light of divine revelation.


These very letters were combined to speak the whole of creation into existence! Now how awesome is that?

By all human reason and logic, Hebrew should have died out two millennia ago when it ceased to be the everyday language spoken by Jewish people.


After the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of the Jewish people from Judea, Hebrew gradually ceased to be a spoken language around 200 CE but remained a written language. 

 Even at the cost of their very lives, the Jewish people faithfully preserved the language that God spoke to Adam and Chava (Eve) in the beginning. Christians are indebted to the Jewish people to have preserved almost intact the very language God used to speak to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so long ago.

In the Beginning

In fact, it is not only the Old Testament, but also the New Testament which is highly Hebraic.


Its’ writers are Hebrew, the culture is Hebrew, the religion is Hebrew, the traditions are Hebrew and the concepts are Hebrew

Shalom Morah 

Are both amazing Hebrew Courses

Taught by a Messianic Jewish Israeli Believer with Biblical insights and revelation from both the Old and the New Testaments.

The Shalom Morah courses not only teaches the aleph bet – the Hebrew letters – but it also contains a powerful Bible study on the Hebrew names of God.


Knowing God’s authentic names gives us powerful tools to use in our prayers, praise and worship as well as formidable weapons of warfare in spiritual battle.


Christians learning Hebrew in this day are doing far more than simply learning another language.


They are participating in the last great end time move of the Spirit of God – reconnecting the Church to its Hebraic root and revealing the true identity of Jesus the Messiah as Yeshua Hamashiach!


Come and be part of this fulfillment of prophecy.